Company Profile

Zhejiang Julong Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd, locates in the City of Electric Motor-Taizhou City,Zhejiang, China.
The company is crossed by 104 National Road,only 5 minutes’ away from Huangyan airport,3 hours’away from Ningbo port,and 5 hours’ away from Shanghai port.The traffic is very convenient for customers to visit to deal with business.
Zhejiang Julong Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd has his own R&D,Production,Sales system at home and abroad,through more than 10 years of continuous positive exploration and practice,is becoming one of most well-known professional electrical motor manufacturers in China,meantime they are just on the way to be global solution provider for electric motors.
The company has more than 800 staffs,and more than 1000 sets of processing and testing equipments.Fixed assets 2,00 million has a land area of 12,00,00㎡,a building area of more than 800,00㎡ for modern production,living and working conditions,which shows the company’s powerful integrated development strength.
Superior geographical environment,scientific management structure, efficient management team, advanced processing conditions,and the sales network at home and abroad,,all these conditions supply solid foundation for continious development,and demonstrate peole the broad development prospects for Zhejiang Julong Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. 
The company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, "3 C" certification, and standardizations  in other systems, and jointed Zhejiang University to establish a school-enterprise "innovative business practice base", effectively enhanced the technical strength for company .
Zhejiang Julong Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd whose main part is manufacturing industry as an production and processing enterprises,has been dedicating to the production equipment and facilities upgrading and technology innovation all the time, just for this project, it has invested more than 20 million Yuan.
Nowadays, all of the various production and processing processes are essentially processing technology in accordance with the requirements of a reasonable allocation of resources and layout. The most advantage of the embedded line, assembly, painting and other production processes from the semi-finished products, spare parts on-line, to the machine off the assembly line, painting and packaging have been largely reached automated and semi-automated assembly line operations, reaching daily capacity of nearly 2,000 sets.
Scientific process decomposition, reasonable staffing, advanced operating conditions, strict quality control processes, clean production and on-site management, greatly enhances the company's production efficiency and ensures the product quality, thus fully meet the needs of the market and customers
With many years’ research & development, currently they have more than 20 series,and more than 300 varieties of AC electric motors,such as Y, Y2, YL, YC,YY,YD, YEJ, YZ, YZR and etc.
Efficient production and high quality service, has been helping Julong company get more and more  customers and market.
Today JULONG company, is constantly planning blueprint for long-term development, and  we believe that the dragon of JULONG LTD must be able to fly up higher with their tireless effort in future.